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H.O.Thompson Testing Lab - SERVICES

We provide rapid turnaround, typically less than 24 hours, for all services except radon testing. 

Our services include:

  • radon in air testing
  • radon in water testing
  • on-premise septic system testing
  • wood-destroying insect testing
  • drinking water testing

We are not involved in any businesses other than testing services, i.e., we do not remediate radon, treat for termites or other such insects, nor do we provide any water-treatment services of any kind.  We have no conflicts of interest to impede our delivery of rapid, unbiased, and accurate testing results.  We concentrate our efforts on quick turnaround of accurate results.

H.O.Thompson Testing Lab serves six counties in the southeastern portion of Pennsylvania.  Our lab continues to be a Pennsylvania DEPP-certified lab as it has been for a very long time.

H.O.Thompson Testing Lab


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